It is not yet clear what caused the gang of bikers, around thirty strong, to harass the Range Rover, the main characters in a real-life drama watched by more than four million viewers. Such widespread attention is likely the result of the nature of the drama itself, and the fact that it occurred in broad daylight in New York City, and took a long time to occur all the while the agents of the government were nowhere to be seen.

If you have not yet watched the video, I recommend it as compelling viewing. Essentially, a biker attempts to slow down the Range Rover by driving slowly in front of it, resulting in the bike being clipped. Eventually, the Range Rover grinds to a halt, blocked on all sides by a sea of leather, helmets, and people with too much free time. We then see the Range Rover drive over the bikers parked in front, as the bikers allegedly begin attacking the Range Rover although this is not caught on camera. To me this seems highly plausible.

Two bikers were injured, one of these paralysed. The rest of the biker gang, named ‘Hollywood Stuntz’, give chase. One rips the door open minutes later as the Range Rover slows down, before taking off again. Once the Range Rover can move no further because of a traffic jam, various bikers attempt to forcibly enter the vehicle. Police report they brutally beat the driver of the Range Rover, Alexian Lein, who was traveling with his wife and their child.

Here are the most interesting facts. In broad daylight, in New York City, a group of more than thirty bikers, about which the police had received more than two hundred complaints during the course of the day, harassed and intimidated a family in an SUV, gave chase for more than five minutes after the frightened Lein took off, paralysing a biker, and then beat him after he could flee no more.

Where were the police? One must assume that as soon as this mess was unfolding, Lein’s wife must have been straight on the mobile to the police. Yet, where were they? Indeed, how could one even drive for that length of time around such busy parts of the city and not come across a patrol car, or police officer?

The truth is, the police could not protect the Lein family in the centre of one of the biggest cities in the developed world during broad daylight. Not from a back-alley mugging but a highway chase consisting of a platoon of thugs lasting more than six minutes.

Citizens must be free to protect themselves. Because the state cannot do it for us. Indeed, the state should not, but that is a different matter, for a different day.

So here’s the take away.

Firstly, Lein had an SUV. If the Liberals had their way, he would have been driving a Chevy Volt or some such vehicle, and would probably have suffered third degree burns or broken down long before reaching any traffic jam. Lein would have had a harder time escaping and once caught, have less protection, than was otherwise the case. The SUV is truly a car for the independent citizen with a family to protect. Although the SUV can only do so much. And here, it was not enough by itself.

Also needed was a gun. And this is my second (amendment) point. As we all know New York City is not a carry and conceal state (let alone city). If Lein had owned such a weapon, he would have been much better able to protect himself. If not before, once his car was forced to stop before a traffic jam, he could have defended himself and his family with the ultimate use of force.

Those who oppose the right to carry a weapon might retort that if Lein had carried a gun, then so too might one or more of the bikers. To this I say: likely many of the bikers would have had criminal convictions, thus making them ineligible to carry weapons legally; that a man armed with a gun against thirty people some of whom also have guns, is a fairer fight than a man with no gun, against thirty people who either have no guns, or some with illegal ones; and that if Lein had felt it would be preferable to receive a beating (which luckily did not kill him, nor involve other members of his family, which could not be known at the time of the attack) and not inflame the situation any further, than respond with a weapon and perhaps escalate this conflict, then it would have been better for him to have both these options present before him. As it was, he was forced by the heavy hand of the state into being beaten in front of his family rather than protect himself.

He likely was not killed because of the beneficence and mercy of the very bikers which were incensed and who had chased his family down for six terrifying minutes like a pack of hounds chasing a scared fox. And that is something no man should ever have to owe his existence to.

Thirdly, the police are unreliable. Unless you have a surname identical to somebody dealing marijuana (, dare to place a pro-second amendment sign on your own property (, or have the temerity to try accessing a privately owned park which the federal government does not even financially support (, they are unlikely to be anywhere in your vicinity. Thus, we must protect ourselves, our property, and family.

And fourthly. If you’ve just video-taped your own gang act like complete douche bags and likely break several laws, don’t upload it to the web (although after myself only recently starting this blog, I can now better understand the lengths some people might go to to increase their views, whether on youtube or wordpress, but still).