I am going to start listing the instances of liberal media bias from supposedly ‘neutral’ news sources I come cross. If Huffington Post wants to bang on about the benefits of solar panels, that’s their business. But when they pretend they are ‘neutral’, that really gets my goat. And to get the ball rolling, we have a news article not just from a ‘neutral’ news source, but one that is tax payer funded. That’s right, its the BBC.


This article discusses the recent government shut down in America.


The crisis began after Republicans who control the House of Representatives refused to approve a budget


As you know, the crisis began after the Democrats in the Senate (backed up by Obama in the White House) refused to pass the budget which was, in fact, approved by the Republicans who control the House of Representatives. Democrats wanted a budget containing $3.7 trillion of spending, Republicans wanted to delay the passage of Obamacare by one year, passing a budget that had spending at $3.5 trillion. Then, the Republicans wanted to negotiate. Rebuffed, they passed spending resolutions to fund certain parts of the government. These were voted down by the Democrats.


In short, the Republicans did not fail to approve a budget. They passed a budget.


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24471491