I have a friend from Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, who frequently informs me of events in eastern Ukraine and specifically Donetsk, which I do not find myself on western media outlets. So I thought I would create a post I will continuously update with information regarding the insurgency/civil war in eastern Ukraine. I have no sources for this information however; they come from his and his friends’ observations. My apologies for the lack of verification.


Published – 16/06/2014

  1. Man who looked like leader of pro-Russians and drove the same kind of car was assassinated outside of a restaurant.
  2. Two cars speeding through Donetsk shooting at one another.
  3. Bus stopped and passengers held hostage for use as human shields by pro-Russian militia.
  4. Car bomb in city centre of Donetsk.


Update – 19/06/2014


1. Banks being occupied by pro-Russians.

2. People’s houses being occupied if people leave them unattended by pro-Russian squatters.

3. People being stopped on the streets and forced into doing jobs for the pro-Russians.


Update – 03/07/2014


1. Shopping centre in central Donetsk city hit in some kind of bombing as pro-Russians attempt to attack the Donbass Central Police Headquarters, located nearby.

2. Train travelling between Donetsk and Kharkiv bombed.


Update – 08/07/14


1. As the rebels retreat into Donetsk, they are forcing civilians in the city to take up arms, by threat of force.


I will add new information as I get it. Please be aware, some of this information may not be accurate…