Arizona militia


American militia movements are mobilising to try to stem the flow of illegal immigrant minors crossing the Mexican border. For weeks now the Border Patrol have been overwhelmed by more than 50,000 minors traveling on their own, being forced to house them in inadequate facilities including military bases, without proper resources.


Such a surge of illegal immigrants is likely the result of Obama’s lack of immigration enforcement, and the perceived soft treatment of minors at the hands of the Obama administration. Obama has recently signed an unconstitutional executive order essentially prohibiting US Immigration and Customs Enforcements from deporting ‘Dreamers’, or those illegal immigrants who came here as children. Furthermore, the talk of an amnesty being passed soon, with Congress or without them, has likely further encouraged many to come now.


Many Americans are now fed up with their government refusing to defend the nation’s borders and its national sovereignty, as well as their president unconstitutionally refusing to faithfully uphold America’s laws. And so several militia movements, such as Arizona and Oklahoma, are offering assistance to Texas now as the state decides to deploy its own forces to try to do the job that the American government has abdicated.


Militias of course, are contained within the Constitution. Indeed, many liberals use the very language of the second amendment, worded as it is containing the reference to a well-regulated militia, as proof somehow that Americans do not have rights to bear arms individually. But then they must accept that militias are allowed by the Constitution. And that they can carry arms.


And so Americans have a right, acting within militias, to defend their country. And given that the Federal Government is unwilling to enforce immigration laws, likely because the Democrats are not interested in forcibly preventing hundreds of thousands of new voters from joining the nation they so radically hope to change, and the State governments are overwhelmed, there is a need for them.


Unlike the recent deployment of militia with the Bundy Ranch dispute in which we saw the citizens standing up against the excessive use of force by the Federal government, in this instance we see the inaction of the Federal government resulting in a mobilisation of the people in the defence of their country from outside forces.


Bundy Ranch stand off


Perhaps from this looming humanitarian disaster and threat to America’s security might come a reinvigorated militia movement, so crucial to the safeguarding of liberty in one of its last remaining bastions.