Illegal immigrants cross America’s border


States should mobilize themselves in enforcing immigration laws, together with militias.

The Federal Government is not enforcing America’s immigration laws; a  result of apathy, an increasingly post-national political elite, and for the Democrats at least, an element of political calculation.


The Federal Government was created to do those things the States themselves could not. Given that the States today would be more effective than the Federal Government in enforcing immigration laws they should act without the Federal Government which has become an obstruction.


What capabilities can the States bring to bear in dealing with this crisis?


The States should ask for the help of the thousands of American militia that wish to help.





Militia have been mobilising recently without any invitation from any border State. Unlike the recent stand-off at the Bundy Ranch, they have been roiled up not be Federal overreach, but by its passivity.


There is even a plan in existence from Bob Gilchrist for 3,500 citizens to deploy to the border in May of next year, named Operation Normandy. Nobody knows how likely this is to happen, but given the realistically long time frame it is at least plausible and not necessarily hyperbole.


Reading statements from him, it seems one of his biggest problems is accommodation and supplies. By welcoming the militias from around the country, which will provide the manpower, the States can provide the accommodation and supplies. Working together there could soon be thousands of militia defending the border.


Just like George Washington effectively utilized his Pennsylvania militia during the Battle of Trenton in January 1777 by interspersing them with his regular colonial troops, so too can modern-day militia be made more effective by similar tactics.


Battle of Trenton


As militia possess no special powers to arrest or detain somebody, they can be used as a force-multiplier by interspersing them with local law enforcement officials and border guards.


Ensuring the militia behave properly in such an operation, who will likely be under hostile media scrutiny all the way, is essential. By mixing with the law the militia would also be kept in good order, foregoing the temptation to follow Gilchrist’s advice  to point your weapon at any illegal immigrant and tell them to get back across the border.


Such tactics mixed with increasingly exasperated militia who have travelled very far at much cost to themselves and their families yet are unable to affect much change could quite easily, it would seem, lead to an unwelcome situation.


The Governors of the border states should also declare a state of emergency and mobilise the National Guard, as is their right to. Arizona has just over 5,000 soldiers, and Texas just under 20,000, in the National Guard.


Whilst the National Guard is a dual state-federal force and so can be mobilized by either the State Governor or the President, potentially resulting in Obama preventing such state mobilizations from occurring, there also exists State Defense Forces.


These operate under the sole authority of their respective states. They are financed entirely by the States, and members are often unpaid and provide their own equipment. The Texas State Guard has 2,000 volunteers. Arizona does not have one.


Doing all this won’t solve the problem. The militia, National Guard, and State Defense Forces all rely on part-time volunteers with civilian jobs to return to. States have much fewer resources than the Federal Government.


And ultimately, States cannot actually send anybody they do detain back to their home countries. Only the Federal Government can do this, at least theoretically.


However, such moves would create a big impact short-term, and create shock waves that would be felt all the way to D.C. It would reinvigorate the militia movement and advocates for States’ Rights. If done properly, it would be to the great credit of those involved.


It could lead to a shift in ideas and culture, even if it doesn’t actually deport a single illegal immigrant. And echoing Breitbart, it is such ideas and culture that will ultimately force the Federal Government, someday, to do its job.