Does working with employment legislation also need a Manual Handling Certificate?

I don’t think it is out of concern for the health of my back that I require a manual handling certificate to work in a warehouse, but rather a concern from the employers in protecting their own.


Either an overzealous state has lawfully required this piece of paper be obtained in the name of ‘work place safety’, or similarly has created a legal environment where companies are afraid of acting, in the name of ‘compensation’.


Either way it surely cannot be because of the free market that every warehouse job I have seen advertised requires applicants to provide such proof when they possess nine months of warehouse experience.


This has greatly curtailed my job hunt as I am applying from abroad. Thanks to this piece of paper, I have to wait until I get to Ireland, pay 70 euros for a four hour course seemingly consisting of primarily videos, and then apply for jobs. Without this hindrance, I could instead have tried applying abroad and lined up a job for my arrival in Ireland.


I am very grateful to be able to move to Ireland in the first place, and this is not a serious problem of course.


Anyway, after three months of doing little physical work here in Kiev, attempting to pick my fat arse up to go back to work again could mean that reacquainting myself with lifting heavy objects is rather useful.