Russia’s demographics are better than many think


Russia’s demographic troubles are often talked of but they are exaggerated. They are dire, but not much worse than the rest of Europe’s.

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Russia’s Intervention in the Ukraine; Europe and America’s Reaction

The Treaty of Munster, 1648, part of the Westphalian peace, whereby the sovereignty of states and the norms of non-interference towards other states were enshrined.


The West’s response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has been stronger than many had predicted when ‘little green men’ first started appearing in Crimea. Likely a perception of Western weakness was based partially on recent trends, such as a war-weary America seen as withdrawing from the world, by recent events such as Syria, and from similar events years before, when the West did little in the face of Russian aggression towards Georgia.

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Militia and States should cooperate on illegal immigration

Illegal immigrants cross America’s border


States should mobilize themselves in enforcing immigration laws, together with militias.

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PGF Empowers Citizens over Governments

Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) by Tracking Point


Tracking Point’s PGF rifle places more power into the hands of civilians at the expense of the Government.

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An Independent Scotland’s National Defence

The Highland Regiment during the Crimean War. Will Scots continue to serve abroad?

The SNP’s defence proposals for an independent Scotland suggest a military focused towards territorial defence within a modest budget of £2.5 billion, whilst eschewing the capabilities needed for foreign expeditionary warfare. This a wise strategy for any independent Scotland.

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Scottish independence and Britain’s national debt

The Acts of Union are presented to Queen Anne by the Duke of Queensbury in 1707


Britain was formed 307 years ago when the bankrupt Scottish nobility, following an unsuccessful colonial venture, agreed to the Act of Union of 1707 with England which in return agreed to pay off Scotland’s debt.


The question of what will happen to Britain’s debt today should Scotland go independent is arguably the most important question, besides perhaps the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, surrounding the referendum.

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Militia mobilises against illegal immigrant invasion

Arizona militia


American militia movements are mobilising to try to stem the flow of illegal immigrant minors crossing the Mexican border. For weeks now the Border Patrol have been overwhelmed by more than 50,000 minors traveling on their own, being forced to house them in inadequate facilities including military bases, without proper resources.

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A libertarian’s view of hot water restrictions in Ukraine

For my first two weeks in Kiev I found myself in hot water only once; when trying to buy a pair of running shoes (кроссовкa or ‘crasovka’ is running shoe, красотка or ‘crasotka’ is beautiful woman) with my sub-standard knowledge of Russian.

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Obama’s Lies

I thought I would keep a post documenting all the lies Obama has told since he became President. If I miss any please tell me. (I thought it best not to include broken campaign promises).




1) “If you like you plan you can keep your plan”.



2) “Not even a smidgen of corruption”.



3) “The temperature around the globe is rising faster than was predicted even ten years ago”.



4) Blaming the Benghazi attacks on a video.



5) Saying he called the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack.

Scottish independence, Trident and Britain’s rights to security

Vanguard-class submarine



On the 18 September of this year Scotland will decide whether or not to remain within the United Kingdom. The pro-Union campaign retain the lead but this has shrunk steadily over time so that now the result will be a close one. Should Scotland leave, it would likely be led by the Scottish National Party, who strongly advocate for the removal of Britain’s nuclear weapons from Scottish soil.

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